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Pollution Certificate for Bike: All You Need To Know.

It is mandatory for all vehicle owners to get a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate from an authorized PUC center before they start driving legally on public roads. This is a mandatory document that every vehicle owner (two-wheeler or four-wheeler) needs to acquire. The PUC certificate validifies that your two-wheeler's emission level is in compliance with the pollution norms,…

7 Must-Have Accessories for Your Two-Wheeler

Indian youths prefer two-wheelers mainly because of their agility and speed, especially during times when cars remain blocked for minutes or even hours on the road due to traffic jams. There are several bike accessories that regular riders must purchase to ensure added safety and comfort. This blog explores the different types of two-wheeler accessories and their importance for daily…

The Delhi RTO Rules and Guidelines for Car Scrapping

The Indian Government's Vehicle Scrappage Policy has been initiated to get rid of old and damaged vehicles from the road and recycle them to make new and modern ones. The policy mainly aims to phase out damaged and unfit vehicles to reduce the country's carbon footprint. Heavy commercial vehicles, other commercial vehicles, and private vehicles will have to be tested at Automated Testing Solutions (ATSs). Commercial vehicles that are…

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